RRN Community Impact Partnership

Community Impact Partnership (CIP)

The Heart of Radio Results Network

Always in Tune with the Businesses, Organizations, Initiatives and Events, which help keep our U.P. Communities Healthy, Safe, Vibrant and Prosperous! Our U.P. – this is Home!

At Radio Results Network, through the Community Impact Partnership (CIP), our commitment is to broaden and expand the relationships that we have with local Businesses, Clubs and Organizations through the powerful, effective use, of affordable commercial packages and sponsorships, on Radio Results Networks –10 local radio stations, radioresultsnetwork.com and our Facebook pages!

We plan on focusing on several different National Initiatives, throughout the year, bringing the importance of them, to the fore-front, within our Local Communities. We will continue to shine the spotlight on many of our extraordinary Local Community Events and Initiatives. Additionally, we will develop Special Directories, some promoting Business Growth, while others may promote Positive Family Values and Activities, within our Local Communities. The sky is definitely the limit!

My name is Jodi Westerberg, CIP Director at Radio Results Network. I look forward to talking with you, about how your Business or Organization, can benefit by getting involved in our Community Impact Partnership – The Heart of Radio Results Network!

My local phone number is 906-212-5445 or 906-228-9700 or email me at Jodi@radioresultsnetwork.com.