LaFave Applauds Repeal Of Beer Keg Requirements

Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation today that eliminates the requirement for keg beer retailers to attach a keg identification tag containing the purchaser’s contact information. U-P state representative Beau LaFave voted for the bill.

He tells the Radio Results Network that it was designed to stop binge drinking by college students, but they simply switched from beer kegs to vodka.

“So it didn’t help the binge drinking, and it didn’t help the underage drinking, and in my opinion, it made it worse,” LaFave told RRN News. “So we repealed that law, and now, if you want to buy a keg of beer at your local store, 90 days from today I suppose, you won’t need to have the clerk write down your driver’s license number. You’ll just need to have your ID to prove your age.”

LaFave says removing this requirement will save business owners the trouble of having to keep records for years on everyone who buys a keg of beer.