Alger-Delta, UPPCO Helping In Wake Of Hurricane Irma

Alger Delta Cooperative Electric Association is sending two Lineworkers to Georgia in the wake of hurricane Irma to assist with power restoration efforts.

“A group of 30 Lineworkers from co-ops throughout Michigan are heading south to assist our fellow cooperatives who’ve been hit hard by Irma” says Alger Delta CEO Tom Harrell.  “Every Michigan co-op has responded to the call for help and that is a powerful testimony to the cooperative principles” he added.

Alger Delta’s participating employees travelled south on Monday and will be on site and working to assist Middle Georgia EMC, an electric cooperative in Tippettville, GA.  Groups of Lineworkers from across the nation are flooding into the area hit by Irma to restore power to over 4 million without power in Florida and approximately 1 million with no electricity in Georgia.

Alger Delta is part of a mutual aid network of electric cooperatives in several states.  When emergency declarations are made, such as in the aftermath of a storm like Irma, the mutual aid network mobilizes people, equipment and material to aid those that have been hard hit and to restore power as quickly as safely possible.

Alger Delta says it has benefitted from mutual aid assistance in the past, after snow, ice and wind storms.  “We’ve seen our share of weather related events in the UP, but certainly nothing like hurricane Irma” says Harrell.  “We’re glad to help and this is one more time and example of why it is proud and humbling to be part of the cooperative network of electric utilities” he added.

Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCO) crews left for Tampa early Tuesday morning to support restoration efforts after Hurricane Irma caused widespread outages.

“We understand the challenges being confronted by our Floridian counterparts as they attempt to restore power to their customers, and we’re happy to assist,” said UPPCO Vice President Brett French.

UPPCO sent nine employees in four utility trucks, who volunteered to join Florida’s country-wide call for utility workers. French also said as of this morning, more than 7 million people are without power.

“The restoration effort will not impact our customers – as we have retained sufficient resources here at home to respond to inclement weather or other events that may affect our ability to deliver safe and reliable energy to our customers,” French explained.

UPPCO anticipates that the crews will be there through the end of September.