Bay College President Pleased With Congressional Town Hall

When Congressman Jack Bergman decided to hold his town hall meeting Wednesday night on the Bay College campus, Bay President Laura Coleman was concerned that it could get nasty like some other Meet-the-Congressmen events elsewhere.

Now, some people in the audience didn’t like being told to keep quiet at times, and some didn’t like Bergman’s answers to their questions.

And there was a heavy police presence there for security. But the atmosphere did not get nasty, and Coleman says she was pleased with how it went.

“The Congressman was exceptionally happy with how it went, and he said he would come back,” Coleman told RRN News. “And that, for me, what my goal for it was, was that we would have people behave in a civil manner and have a conversation. Ask the questions. If you’re not happy with him, well, ok, you’re not happy with him. But at least there’s been an exchange of ideas.”

Bergman has scheduled another Town Hall Meeting Thursday in Gaylord.