Eagle 107.3


The widest variety of music on the radio in the Escanaba area; a staunch commitment to local causes and concerns; sports coverage of some of the schools that were sometimes forgotten and ignored by other groups; local personalities with an emphasis on local content; add it all up and you have Eagle 107.3. Years ago when area listeners were young, they were listening to transistor radios under their pillows at night to large-signal AM radio stations like WLS/Chicago and CKLW out of Windsor, Ontario then getting a bit older and listening to legendary album-rock stations and cutting their teeth on Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp and the like. And why not? That music is timeless, still enormously popular and emulated by today’s artists across a wide spectrum of musical genres’. That’s what you hear on Eagle 107.3. There are no other radio stations outside the U.P. that sound like Eagle 107.3 as it is custom-designed to fit the unique musical tastes of the U.P. With a sound presentation created by a nationally award-winning programmer, Eagle 107.3’s signal is strong and powerful enough to be easily heard in offices, business and vehicles throughout the region. Eagle 107.3 is an excellent choice for a who truly enjoys a music library with a vast array of pop and rock music from their past and staying in touch with important events taking place in the Escanaba area.