949 The Bay


Today’s hit music…that’s all; a staunch commitment to local causes and concerns, local on-air personalities, and more; add it all up and you have 94-9 The Bay. The Bay is the U.P.’s only radio station dedicated to today’s dynamic hit music. 94-9 The Bay is particularly great to listen to while enjoying the outdoor activities and recreational opportunities available to local citizens and tourists alike. Unlike other stations who try to be all things to all people, 94-9 The Bay focuses on today’s dynamic hit music sprinkled with the occasion hit song from recent years. Thousands of listeners bring their radios to the beach, the ski hill, the trail, their headsets and listen to the fun, upbeat music of today that fits their active lifestyles. Our slogan says it all…”94-9 The Bay…your home for today’s hit music.