Upper Peninsula Conservative Convention Held

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan Conservative Political Action Committee (UP-CPAC) Conference wrapped-up this past Saturday afternoon; what an historic event for the UP! 

UP history was made when ten brilliant minds, including Congressman Jack Bergman, came together to share their research, which included presenting problem-solving methods for restoring the fundamental principles of America’s founding documents. 

The maiden voyage of the new UP conservative organization somewhat mirrored the great Michigan Conservative Union’s MI-CPAC Conference held in Holt (Lansing) in early April.  Many of the speakers heard down-state also spoke at the UP event.

The speakers at the UP-CPAC event, shown in-order, whose names are hyperlinked to videos of some of their previous speeches and interviews, were:

Publius Huldah on the Article V Convention of States

Phil Haney on terrorism and the deep state

Professor William Wagner on founding documents and education failures

Congressman Jack Bergman on current affairs and Omnibus Bill

Tom DeWeese on UN Agenda 21Agenda 2030 and threats toward private property

Norm Hughes (00:18:00 mark) on Michigan Conservative Union and Mi-CPAC

Dr. Terri McCormick-Dawson on the Center for Leadership Development

Dave Agema on foreign influences in our constitutional republic

Bill Mohr on political integrity

Judge Michael Warren on judicial limitations and America’s Survival Guide

One of the highlights of the Conference held on Saturday was the posting and retiring of the colors by members of the Marine Corps League, which was completed very honorably.  The opening ceremony was followed by the Star Spangled Banner as You Never Heard it Before.

This new grassroots movement is nicely placed and organized at the state and regional level; there are no national get-rich-quick organizers involved.  In-fact, conservative patriots should consider organizing their own Committee in states where they don’t currently exist.