Bay Students Collecting Clothes For OSF Patients

Bay College EMT/Paramedic Club is participating in a donation event to benefit patients of OSF Hospital.

While attending clinical time at the OSF Emergency Department, a student interaction with an Emergency Room physician revealed a need.  There are many times when emergency patients come in for treatment and their clothes are ruined and they have nothing to wear home.  One of our students brought this idea to the club and it began from there.   Emergency Medical Responders should be involved in the community and this proved to be a great service.

The EMT/Paramedic Club members started to and are still collecting sweat pants and T-shirts that are new or slightly used.  Clothing has been and will continue to be given to OSF to distribute to patients who are in need of clothing to wear home upon release from their facility.  There have been many community donations of these types of clothing to date.  Thank you to all of those who have donated.  The first drop-off to OSF was made to a very appreciative staff.  The clothing was made available for immediate use. 

The EMT/Paramedic Club is continuing to accept donations up until the end of the semester, May 11, 2018.

There is a drop box located in the lobby at M TEC.  If you have any questions Please call Amy Anderson (906) 217-4142 or by email