Bay College West Student Gets MI-CAPP Scholarship

Bay College’s West Campus is proud to announce that one of its students, Kimberly Thomas, was recently honored and awarded a scholarship at the Michigan College Access Programs and Personnel (MI-CAPP) Student Leadership Summit in Battle Creek, MI on March 3rd.

Thomas was the highest scoring student in the Academic Achievement Awards category and was awarded a $500 scholarship from MI-CAPP’s Endowment Fund.  Thomas resides in Kingsford and will graduate from Bay College in December of 2018 with her Associates in Arts.  She plans to transfer to Northern Michigan University to study social work and eventually pursue her Master’s degree.  She hopes to help children and families who struggle with addiction. 

Bay College sent a delegation of six students, including Thomas, to the MI-CAPP Student Leadership Summit.  All of the students who attended are TRiO Student Support Services students, who receive mentoring on campus because of their first generation or low income status.

At the summit, students were able to attend workshops given by professionals, as well as peers, to help hone their leadership skills and brainstorm ideas to further utilize these skills back on their own campuses.

Thomas, along with four Bay College students, presented a program entitled, “Serving Your Student Community: Creating Opportunities on Your Campus That Benefit Student Success.”  Thomas is working to start a peer-to-peer support group on the Bay West Campus and presented on what that process has entailed.

Students left the conference with a better view of their potential on campus and in society.  To learn more about Bay College’s TRiO program, visit