Blog: My Texas Adventure Is Under Way

I am writing this blog entry from Dallas, Texas, as I sit in a four-hour layover before I get on a plane for San Angelo, Texas. I am down here to broadcast Northern Michigan University’s football game on Saturday.

I got on a plane in Green Bay at 6:00 this morning, flew to Chicago, sat there an hour, and now I’m here in Dallas.

If you ever want to learn a little about the world, or see people who are different than we are, go to an airport. No, I don’t mean our airports in the Upper Peninsula. A big one.

On my way down, I sat next to a man from Florida who works at a company that transports prisoners for various southern states. As I sit here now, a lady from Ireland is talking on the phone…she was so nice to me and asked me what NMU stood for on my shirt. There is another lady sipping water and speaking in French on her phone.

I’ve seen people of all ages in these airports today. And seen places that I’ve never been to before, like the Chick Fil-A food place. Don’t tell my doctor, but I ate chicken nuggets AND waffle fries. Just this once, I promise!

Will write more later.