Blog: Reflections On Hurricane Harvey In Texas

Watching the hurricane coverage on television from Texas makes me glad that I live here in the Upper Peninsula.

I certainly complain when we get a snowstorm, or when it’s 35 degrees at night in August. But what we face from our weather extremes pales in comparison to what they face down south.

They enjoy nice weather down there while we shivver in January, but they also have to deal with things like hurricanes. And watching what Hurricane Harvey has done to the Houston area this weekend is just astonishing, where they have received more than a foot of rain, with 15 more inches of rain to come.

The flooding there is just plain horrible as the storm simply won’t move. Can you imagine what it’s like to be stranded on the roof of your home, or in the attic? To call 911 and be placed on hold for an hour or more? Having to get in an inflatable boat and use your arms to paddle down what was your main street, but is now a dangerous river?

All we can do up here is send our thoughts and prayers to the folks down in Houston, and hope that the government and non-profit groups like the Red Cross can save as many lives as possible as this disaster gets worse.

—later, Jack