Blog: Tragedy In Cleveland Is Not Facebook’s Fault

I’m like all of you who are appalled by what happened in Cleveland on Easter Sunday, when a man, for no reason, drove up to an elderly man and shot him in cold blood. And that all happened live on Facebook.

The murderer eventually fled and, a day later, killed himself. This time, not on Facebook.

The nation was shocked by Sunday’s murder, where a man was just out collecting returnable cans and bottles and ended up being a murder victim. But many have also blamed Facebook, because the video of this horrible crime stayed up, live, for all to see, for more than two hours before being removed.

My opinion is different. I believe that it must be incredibly difficult for Facebook to track these things, considering how many millions of people use the social media site. Pulling it down immediately, or not being able to post stuff like that at all, is probably not technically possible.

Maybe Facebook should stop the ability for you to go live, however. Maybe it should be back to photos and status updates. But blaming Facebook for what happened on Sunday is about as silly as blaming the State of Ohio for having deposit on their cans and bottles.

After all, if Ohio didn’t have that, this poor man would not have been out collecting cans to be returned for money. Right?

—later, Jack