Blog: A Few Thoughts As Vacation Winds Down

Greetings from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, a place I had never visited before now.

Nice town, and listening to Radio Results Network stations on my car radio was kind of weird, considering that I am about 200 miles (driving miles) from Escanaba. But, anyway…

I want to thank Don Curran and Susie Larson for their work in the newsroom while I’ve been gone this week. Filling in for other people makes for long days. I tried to help out by keeping the news web page updated at, ad well as keeping the sports web site updated at RRN

That said, it was heartbreaking to read about the 11-year-old boy in Marquette who tried to kill himself after being convinced in an on-line prank that his girlfriend had died. That happened three weeks ago, and it is just horrific to learn that the boy, Tysen Benz, died this week from when he hung himself.

And now charges are being filed against the person who tricked him on-line. As Tysen’s mom has been pleading with us all in the local media the past few weeks, PLEASE everyone, understand the power of this thing called the Internet!

Late tonight, I saw on TV that President Trump ordered airstrikes against Syria. That had to be done. We could not sit by and watch as thousands of people are gassed to death. Many of them were little kids…

I want to close by wishing the Escanaba and Gladstone High School baseball teams, and the Escanaba High School softball team, good luck this weekend down in Wisconsin Dells. That is an excellent tournament down there, the fields are awesome, and the weather will be nice. So, pardon me while I finish my vacation, and GO ESKYMOS and GO BRAVES! I will put updates on, with the help of a few helpful team moms!

Oh, and, it was sooooo windy here on Thursday. Check out a few pictures, including Becky having her glasses nearly blown off by a big wind gust! LOL! Take care, everyone.

—later, Jack