Blog: J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets! What An Experience!

Just now getting a chance to do a blog entry on the North Central Jets state championship.

And by now, you’ve heard all of the details, and you’ve heard many people comment about this historic run for the basketball team. 83 straight wins and 108 out of 109. Three state championships. Not to mention two state championships in football for many of those same kids.

They did it, though, while at the same time compiling a team grade point average that is darn near close to straight A’s. In fact, Seth Polfus did not come home with the team on Saturday after the victory. That’s because he was honored at halftime of the Class C game for his statewide scholarship from the MHSAA. And that was for grades and character.

I had the immense pleasure of broadcasting the upset win over Southfield Christian, and the championship win over Buckley, alongside Jerry Root. He is an encyclopedia of U.P. basketball knowledge. To be able to share these moments with him will be something I will never forget. And those 14 hours in the vehicle with him were enlightening.

Thanks to all of the people who texted me, E-Mailed me, and messaged me on Facebook, to compliment me for the broadcasts. I’m glad that you folks back here enjoyed it. And next up, baseball season!

—later, Jack