Blog: North Central Jets Continue To Amaze Us

Southfield Christian probably had the better athletes.

The team that the North Central Jets played in the Class D state semifinal game here at Michigan State University last night was well-prepared, and was certainly favored, to end the Jets’ national record for consecutive victories.

Southfield Christian plays very tough teams, game in, game out, in Oakland County. They moved down from Class C to Class D with the specific goal of taking out the North Central Jets. And they almost did.

The Eagles led the Jets by eight points late in the second quarter. North Central came back. The Eagles led the Jets by ten points in the third quarter. North Central came back. The Eagles took the lead in the first overtime. North Central came back. And the Eagles had the lead in the dying seconds of the second overtime. And NCA came back.

That group of North Central boys just never gives up. It’s not necessarily a cockiness…it’s confidence. Confidence in each other. Trust in each other to have each others’ backs. So, there was no doubt in Dawson Bilski’s mind when he got double-teamed on that final shot to get the ball to the team’s shortest player, Seth Polfus, for the winner.

And Polfus came through. The Jets came through. And these boys have given the Powers/Spalding/Hermansville an incredible ride for three straight years. It even landed them on ESPN’s Sports Center last night.

U.P. Power is alive and well down here. The heart of a champion. And tomorrow, it may be for a third straight year.

—later, Jack